Latex care

Washing and drying

If you've had a latex on yourself for a while and you do not want to wash it immediately after you remove the garment, turn the back side and let it dry on the air. Then put it in a plastic bag. (However, I have already seen mold on the latex, which was probably due to the presence of moisture in a completely closed bag.)

After use, any latex clothing must be cleaned of sweat! Fill the sink or a bucket with moderately warm water, soak a soft liquid soap to have a bit of foam and rub of the obverse and reverse. Use a soft sponge to remove stubborn dirt that cannot be removed with water only. Rinse once or twice in clean water.

In the end we polish the latex during the last rinse cycle: drip (maximum of teaspoon of) silicone oil into the water, mix it, and wash the latex in the water from the obverse and reverse (outer and inner side :)). After washing shake the garment, let it drip onto a clotheshorse or a shaped and wide clothes hanger (To accelerate: dry it with a soft cloth or towel) and allow it to dry out of the obverse and reverse. Do not forget to drain water from pockets and creases. Hide in the bag, done. 🙂 


Away from sunshine !! Far from the heating. It is necessary to prevent latex having any contact with metallic accessories of other garments - which can irreversibly damage the latex! This holds true also for wired or thin clothes hanger. If the light color latex is included with metal fastening - studs, rivets, buckles... - wrap this metal parts with a napkin or plastic to avoid touching or staining. 

If you want to store your latex for long time, it should be stored polished by silicon oil or treated with powder. Bare do not leave it as it would result in damages, too!